Bedroom Scene | Beatrix

2000. Acrylic on panel. 33” x 29”

Bedroom Scene | Eileen Gray

2000. Acrylic on panel. 33” x 29”. Collection: Kamloops Art Gallery, Kamloops, Canada

Bedroom Scene | Lars

2000. 29” x 33” acrylic on panel. Private collection

Closed Set

The paintings in Closed Set are all taken from existing images of 20th century interior design or film; there we see homes portrayed that create unattainable standards of perfection and status. The images range from the ideal and the iconic to the real and the ironic. The paintings depict just a few of these models we keep in the back of our minds as we wander through IKEA or peruse endless shelter magazines as we subject our homes to endless scrutiny and renovation in an attempt to create suitable sites of self-expression. This group of paintings represent vacant bedrooms. On one level bedrooms serve as sites of the enduring dramas of life – birth, sex, sleep, illness, and death – a reminder of life’s passing.