Seeing Through

2012. 26.7 x 21.5cm. Collage

Warm Light

2012. Collage, 22.3 x 20.5cm

Dress Up

2012. Collage, 21.4 x 27.6cm.


2012. Collage, 20 x 25.3cm.


2012. Gouache on paper. 15" x 11"


2012. Gouache on paper. 15" x 11"

Brown Patio

2012. Gouache on paper. 37 x 26.5cm


2012. Gouache on paper.32.5 x 26.8 cm.

Blossoms II

2012. Gouache on paper. 35.7 x 28.6cm.


2013. Gouache on paper. 33.2 x 25.5cm.


2013. Gouache on paper. 33.8 x 27cm.


2012. Gouache on paper. 32.1 x 26 cm

Garden view

2012. Gouache on paper. 31.7 x 26 cm


2012, gouache on paper, 15" x 11"

Patio III

2013, gouache on paper, 15" x 11"

Depth of Field

2011 – present

This ongoing group of works on paper are based on collages and continue to work with removal, repositioning and subsequent adjacent to large areas of colour. These backgrounds difficult to discern place into question the depth of field and the expectation of focus as a way of directing the viewers attention to the subject. The subject removed one unsure of where to look.
The illogical depth of field This upsets the perceived hierarchy of foreground (in focus) to background (out of focus) and creates unsettling abstractions with only tenuous links to figuration. The seemingly  random combinations of bits and pieces of these settings in my work present disorienting realities.


These collages and gouaches often serve as studies for larger paintings.