2003. Oil on canvas. 40" x 48"


2003. Oil on canvas. 48 x 40". Private collection.


2003. Oil on canvas. 51" x 65"


2003. Oil on canvas. 50.5" x 72"

Design Interior | Randy

2003. Oil on canvas. Private collection

Design Interior | Gerrit

2002. Oil on canvas. 37" x 49"

Design Interior| | Ron

2002. Oil on canvas. 30 x 24"

Feature II

2001. Oil on canvas. 33 x 29"

Design Interior | Pierre

2001. Oil on canvas. 51" x 65". Collection: Department of Foreign Affairs, Ottawa

Design Interiors | Shelter

The Design Interior and Shelter paintings are part of an ongoing series of both familiar and obscure images of modernist interior architecture. In most cases the compositions are taken straight up, in others subtle insertions are made, a redecorating of sorts; colours are intensified or altered.
These paintings draw upon the models we see in shelter magazines, HGTV and furniture showrooms, inhabited and still without the messy exigencies of everyday life. The ideal home bereft of dirt and decay. The current body of paintings on canvas and paper are part of an ongoing investigation of modernist living spaces, primarily located in the public face of the house.