Verification detail

1992. Acrylic, transfer, mdf. Collection: National Gallery of Canada.


1991 - 92. Acrylic paint, wood, glass. 48 x 120 x 6"; 122 x 305 x 15cm Collection: National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa

Signature detail

1990. Back view, detail. Wood, glass, fabric, metal, paint. Collection: Art Gallery of Ontario


1990. Front view. Wood, glass, fabric, metal, paint. 78 x 76 x 42"; 198 x 193 x 106.5 cm Collection: Art Gallery of Ontario

Life of the Artist

These works comment on the attendant structures surrounding art, including the life of the artist, for instance the signature and the studio. A cult has grown up around the lives of living as well as dead artists, the artist often championed as celebrity, as hero. This work comments on how these all have and continue to used by the historian, the patron and the viewer to endow work of art with meaning and allow them to be better understood and appreciated and how artists themselves contribute to the creation of this myth.