2015. gouache on paper. 15 x 11 in.


The title of the exhibition, Nudge, is taken from the idea of a nudge being both gesture and suggestion. In this way, the term applies equally to how the paintings are constructed and viewed. As a term of delicate encouragement, nudge pushes us to look more closely at the paintings, revealing subtleties that may not be initially obvious. As a physical gesture, nudge refers more outwardly to the Van Halm’s process whereby she introduces and shifts colours plains in contrast to, and in tandem with, imagery culled from architectural and design sources.
Renée Van Halm’s visual vocabulary is drawn from observations of the world around her, particularly in relation to architectural and design practices. Guided by intuition, elements of her paintings are sourced from décor and architectural magazines, while the large irregular expanses of pure colour are added to eliminate illusory space and to build tension between conventional background/foreground, figure/ground relationships.
Sophie Brodovitch