2015, acrylic on canvas, 30" x 24". Collection: Vancouver Art Gallery

Up and Down

2015. acrylic on canvas. 72 x 60 in.

Vertical Configurations

2014. acrylic on canvas. 16" x 11"


2015, acrylic on canvas, 16" x 11"


2015, acrylic on canvas.


2015. acrylic on canvas. 30 x 24 in.


2014. acrylic on canvas. 42 x 36 in.

Leg Up

2015, 10"x 8", acrylic on canvas

Side Light II

2015. acrylic on canvas. 30" x 24".

Installation view of Nudge

Equinox Gallery, Vancouver. February 13 - March 15, 2016


2015. acrylic on canvas. 46 x 36 in.

Cut Out

2015. acrylic on canvas. 72 x 54 in.

Twin Curves

Twin Curves. acrylic on canvas. 30 x 24 in.


The term nudge in marketing refers to the small encouragements that help people make their way through space and still feel in command. In addition the nudge tool allows us to move shapes in tiny increments across the computer screen.
Nudge is both a suggestion and a gesture as to how the paintings are constructed and the unintended often humourous outcomes. Not only does nudge suggest the gesture of moving a line here and there but can be seen as an invitation to the viewer to look, to move in closer, to move over just a bit.  It also refers to the process of making a painting, when the artist chooses a  colour or shape and moves it around until the composition clicks into place till it finds the optimum position, ideal but edgy at the same time.
She derives source images from familiar present day mainstream fashion and décor magazines. Compositionally her pictures shift illogically between background and foreground; figure becomes ground and visa versa.