Movie Scene | 9 1/2 Weeks

2002. Oil on canvas. 51 x 65". Private Collection.

Movie Scene | LA Confidential II

2002. Oil on canvas. 37 x 49". Private Collection

Movie Scene | Odessy II

2002. Oil on canvas. 37 x 49". Private collection


Outtakes focuses on modernist living rooms – the public face of the house as well as the public sphere of work or business –  locations of social interaction. The source of these images, like those in the earlier Closed Set series, are from film history extracted from books or the video screen. In Hollywood movies the idealism originally associated with the design of modernist interiors has been recoded differently. According to Christy Lemire the movies use modernist architecture to:
…depict bad guys (or at least deeply flawed people in need of redemption) in minimalist houses. The movies use minimalism to create a hardness, there’s a slightly sinister aspect… a transient element, as well — the character is not really to be trusted.
March 15, 2007, The Associated Press, Los Angeles