Green Façade

2008. Flashe on linen. 160 x 120cm. Collection: Dexia RBC, Toronto

Boss Window

2007. Flashe on linen.

Scandinavian Interior

2009. Flasche on linen. 120 x 160cm


2009. Flasche on linen, 160 x 120cm

Reverse Engineering Installation view

Birch Libralato Gallery, Toronto, November 2009

German Pavilion

2009. Flashe on linen, 80 x 60cm

Berlin Entrance

2008. Flasche on linen, 110 x 80cm. Private collection.


2009. Flasche on Linen, 80 x 60cm

White Façade

2009. Flasche on linen. 160 x 120cm


2009. Flasche on linen. 120 x 160 cm. Private collection.


2008. Flasche on linen. 180 x 120cm

Public Art | Porto

2008. Flasche on linen.

Reverse Engineering

Reverse Engineering refers to the process of discovering the technological principles of a device, object or system through analysis of its structure, function and operation. This involves taking apart a mechanical device, electronic component, or software program and analyzing its workings to try to make a new device or program that does the same thing without using or simply duplicating the original.
By applying this to a range of my own and appropriated photographic images I have been able to rexamine the structure, light and implied space as it is reflected in the complex construction of the urban environment and some of what that might suggest.