2011. Gouache on paper.


2011, gouache on paper, 15" x 11"


2012. Gouache on paper. 15" x 11"

Yellow Landscape

2012. Gouache on paper. 15" x 11"

Studio II

2011. Gouache on paper. 15" x 11"

Cobalt | Chrome

2012. Gouache on paper. 23 x 22.5 cm


2012. Gouache on paper.


2013. Gouache on paper.30 x 24cm.


2012. Gouache on paper.

Short Cuts

Short Cuts, collages and paintings on paper, represents the initial visual research for a body of works on canvas.
Working with material drawn from mainstream print media I am able to consider the disorienting nature of space and how backgrounds, either natural or constructed, are used to evoke meaning and mood.
In the resultant compositions most of the figurative elements have been removed and the unseemly juxtapositions of the disrupted settings, displaced objects of beauty and evocative textures result in disorienting yet familiar scenarios. The cuts themselves preclude the seamless seduction of advertising. The highly saturated colours, inconsistent depths of field and variety of locations in these compositions embody a lack of cogency, intentionality and are further undermined by illogical positioning and placement. Almost indiscernible snippets of hair and fabric infect the otherwise ‘clean’ abstract surfaces.