Tourist. Installation view.

Birch Libralato Gallery,Toronto, June, 2006

Berlin Interior

2006. Flasche on linen. 100 x 140cm. Collection | Doris McCarthy Gallery, University of Toronto


2006. Flasche on linen. 100 x 140cm. Collection: Bank of Montréal


2006. Flasche on linen. 140 x 100cm

Pavilion | Zurich

2005. Flasche on linen. 37" x 49"

Museum | Tokyo

2004. Oil on canvas. 51" x 65". Collection: Beaverbrook Art Gallery, Fredericton, NB

Berlin (After Peter Doig)

2006. Flasche on linen. 140 x 100cm.


The Tourist paintings look at architecture as it defines our sense of place and results directly from research done while traveling and living in Europe. The images portray sites that are distinct from the familiar landmarks that one identifies as tourist destinations. The subjects are of two sorts:  the new signature buildings that have themselves become destinations – architourism, museums and stores mostly, bold signature buildings that exist outside of local economies and geographies and secondly the other ubiquitous modernist structures, unidentifiable and unremarkable, where people live.
The exhibition proceeds from strength to strength, and in so doing, provide vivid commentary on such matters as modernist distinction versus modernist anonymity, the subverting, by means of focus and concentration, of the touristing of architectural meaning and the rising tide of generic design.
Gary Michael Dault, The Globe and Mail.
Toronto June 10, 2006