Robin Laurence | Summer 2012 | Canadian Art

Review | Renée Van Halm at the Burnaby Art Gallery, Burnaby
Amelia 2003
Subtitled “Cross-Cutting/Inside Out,” this survey of works on paper served as an admirable measure of the arc of Renée Van Halm’s practice. The exhibition, which spanned the years 1979 to 2011, focused on one of her abiding interests: architecture. More precisely, it demonstrated her ongoing analysis of the ways our built environment, along with its furnishings and fixtures, both articulates cultural values and frames social interactions. Van Halm has explored this theme through a range of media—from installations that hybridize the disciplines of painting, sculpture and architecture, to handsome, large-scale canvases executed in oil or acrylic, to the gouache, graphite and pastel drawings and handmade collages on view at the Burnaby Art Gallery